Roadside story

“The idea took root during the long hot summers of the 70’s. I like to think it had some romantic origin in a long lost holiday to the states, captured by a few yellowing, magenta-tinged photos. In reality, it probably started at a cinema in the East Midlands over stifling hot summer holiday evenings and rowdy afternoon matinees…”

Having initially begun as something of a side project, Roadside story developed into a solo show at the Paul McPherson Gallery, Greenwich London.

” ( This is ) …a fleeting vision of London glimpsed from the vantage point of the Greyhound bus rather than the Routemaster: a deserted Brixton skate-park echoes the stark barren landscape of America’s Midwest; a lit sign on a Clapham fish and chip shop is a uniquely English take on a classic US roadside neon…” Alexa Baracaia, thelondonpaper

An exhibition catalogue and more information from the show are available upon request.